Summer Gathering of the Tribes on May 28 2016


Well it’s that time of year again where the Tribes will gather in Patapsco State Park on May 28 to celebrate the summer and great summer beers (like blood orange Wit). We will have a wheat beer competition with cash prizes.

There is no charge for the gathering but there is a small fee to enter the park (I think $2 per person).

The park has a pack-in pack-out policy so if you can help the organizers by taking a bag of rubbish away, it’s a huge help.

What To Bring

  • Beer
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages
  • Some Food to share including hot dogs, appetizers, finger foods and salad.
  • Chairs or a blanket
  • Outdoor games (kid friendly) …no lawn darts at least no sharp ones
  • The Guild will provide rolls, ice and charcoal.

Wheat Beer Competition

American Wheat 6d, German Wheat 15a,15b,15c, or Belgian Wit 16a will be
accepted. The Competition will be pseudo-hedonistic, you will need enough beer
to fill one pitcher and you your entry will be judged by a few members of the
picnic (4-5 volunteers will be selected). The entry fee is $2.00 per beer. You
may enter as many beers as you would like. The top three wheat beers will win
prize money.

First Place  – $50.00

Second Place  – $25.00

Third Place  – $10.00

We usually kick off the competition around 2:30 PM.



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